Sunday, June 27, 2010

This Week...

One of the things that Terry has asked me to do is to start getting out of the house more often.  This past week my plan was to make one recovery meeting, and take my car to the dealership to get serviced.  Thursday I had planned on making my meeting, but late Wednesday night I got a migraine and was up til about 5am.  I didn't make the meeting, but I did make it to the dealership on Friday.  It was packed, there were so many people there.  I got pretty lucky and when I went to go sit down someone in the back row got up and left.   I was at the dealership for about 3 hours waiting on my car to get finished.  My OIF rep called me while I was waiting, so that provided me with some distraction.  I started getting pretty stressed out, and when I went to ask how long it was going to be, my car was finished.  This morning I am heading to my regular meeting.