Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Ice

The last few days here the weather has been pretty bad.  It started snowing Sunday evening, and we probably got 4-6 inches.  Now everything has turned to ice and we have been stuck inside.  I made a trip to the store today, and a 15 minute trip took almost an hour.  There is no way to clear the roads here in GA, so the roads are still packed with ice.  My brother has a tennis tournament in Virginia, he is leaving today to fly up, and my parents are leaving a little later this afternoon to drive up there.

I am really starting to notice the effects of reducing my medication.  It has been a bit more difficult than I expected actually having to manage my stress, anxiety, and irritability without the help of the medication.  As difficult as it has been, I am trying to remain as positive as I can and remind myself that this is a part of my recovery and that the better I can manage these issues the better off I will be.

Kyria has sent me a couple of articles that has pictures of CAROLINE in them.  She looks great, and again it is a reminder of what I am working towards.  Seeing her pictures has stirred up some emotions that I have not felt in years.  There is a feeling of loss, I wouldn't go as far as calling it grief, but I think the fact that I am feeling "something" is a sign of progress and that I am moving in the right direction.

My parents gave me a couple of pictures of CAROLINE and I.  They are sitting on my desk and I find myself looking at them constantly wishing that she was here with me.  I just feel better when I am with her, the difference is huge.  I really can't wait til I can see her again.  Hopefully that will be sooner than later, cause it has definitely been too long.