Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anger Management

This past week I started another group at the Vet Center.  This group is focused on Anger Management and is going to be focused on alternate ways of managing the anger/rage that many of us deal with.  Our first group was mainly an introduction where we got to know one another a little bit and we got a general idea of what we were going to be discussing.  I am going to have weekly assignments that should give me a better understanding of what makes me angry and will help me to develop alternate ways of how I view situations that get under my skin.

I made the mistake of going into the group with some expectations of what I thought the group would be like.  Of course the group didn't meet those expectations and...I got mad.  I talked quite a bit with my sponsor about that and realized that going into the group with preconceived notions of what I was looking for was where I went wrong.  After talking with him for a pretty good bit about that, I think that I have a pretty open mind about the group now, at least I hope I do.

I will still be going to the discussion group on Tuesdays, and my individual group on Wednesdays.