Monday, January 31, 2011

Humane Society

This coming Saturday is going to be my first day volunteering with the Humane Society.  I am not exactly sure what I am going to be doing, but from what it sounded like after talking with a lady that works there is that I will be spending some time with the puppies that are there.  It really makes no difference to me what I am going the be doing, this is just an opportunity for me to spend some time out of the house and out of myself. 

The last couple of groups that I have been to at the Vet Center have been extremely aggravating for me.  Last Tuesday I spoke up about it, and let the members of the group know how I felt.  I think one of the reasons that I got upset was because I can see where others get stuck in certain ideas and beliefs, and I can't get why they can't move out of this.  After talking with Kevin some, I came to the conclusion that while I may be able to see where others get stuck, I am unaware of where I may be getting tunnel vision with some of my thoughts and beliefs.  It is extremely hard for me to see where some of my beliefs may be a little off the wall because I believe them to be factual because of my experiences.

One of the things that Kevin and I work on is trying to develop alternate ways of thinking based on facts.  The likelihood of an IED going off while I am driving down the highway is pretty much zero here in the States.  The chance that someone following too closely to me being a threat is basically nonexistent.   Due to my past experience my thoughts and beliefs have been warped to think that there is actual danger there.  Logically I can see that.  I understand that the possibility of these things being a danger to me is minimal, but my mind takes me to other places.

I am looking forward to my trip to the Humane Society on Saturday, I am also looking forward to hearing what my next step is going to be with CAROLINE.  paws4vets is going to be getting together with Kevin and together they are going to discuss the next course of action.  Hopefully I hear something soon.