Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adventures with TAZIE

Quite a lot has been going on since I last blogged.  It was decided that CAROLINE and I were not a good match, so currently I am exploring getting a RAD.  I have been to the Humane Society a couple of times over the last couple of weeks, been through orientation, and spent quite a bit of time with some of the puppies last week.  It has been great getting back around animals. 

Yesterday I went to see SSG Ward and to pick up TAZIE.  I had a little warning about her being very territorial and at times aggressive.  She could not have been better behaved from the time I picked her up til the time that I got back home.  I guess I should add that I drove the entire trip, did not get tired or lose focus too much.  I was probably gone for around 12 hours, and was really happy to see that since I have reduced my meds so much, that driving distances seems to be a non-issue now. 

Things changed quite a bit when my Dad got home.  TAZIE was so good, that I thought it unnecessary to have her on a leash when my Dad walked in the door.  BIG BIG BIG mistake.  She went and greeted him, sniffed for a few seconds, then almost took his head off.  I was pretty quick to grab her get her on the ground and on her back, and she mellowed out some.  I put the leash on her and walked her to my Dad, and she was very nice and sweet, let him talk with her and pet her.  I was on the floor with her, and as soon as my Dad stood up she went for him again.  No contact was made this time, I had her on a pretty short leash. 

I took her to my room and watched some TV with her.   She has pretty bad nightmares it seems.  They are definitely not the normal, "I AM A DOG, I AM RUNNNNNNNNNNNING!!!!"  She would shake, growl, show her teeth, and cry.  I would wake her, pet her and talk with he to get her to calm down some, and that worked pretty well.   She woke me up at 7am, and I figured she was hungry and wanted to go out.  She hasn't really eaten or drank anything since she got to the house, but Terry doesn't seem too concerned about that since she has had a pretty stressful last couple of days. 

I put her in the kennel while I was eating breakfast, my Dad came by to say hello to me, patted me on the back, and TAZIE was not a fan.  She growled and showed her teeth, so I just shut the door and ignored her.   She is perfectly calm and relaxed around me, just does not seem to be a fan of someone approaching or touching me.