Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TAZIE and the Vet

The last week with TAZIE has been pretty interesting.  At first she wouldn't eat, then she started eating one meal a day, and eventually I got her to eat 2 meals a day.  This was great, except for one thing, she wasn't going to the bathroom.  The last time she went was Sunday, and I was getting pretty worried.  I talked with Terry and got some suggestions, but was able to get her into the Vet today, so I went ahead and took her.  I was a little worried with how she was going to react being there, but was pretty amazed.  She was perfect, even with all the nasty things the Vet did with her, she stayed calm and let him do what he had to do.  After he was done, she immediately got under the bench I was sitting on, guess she knew that I was not gonna violate her.

From the talk with Terry this morning, and talking with the Vet this afternoon, I am pretty sure that the reason she was not going to the bathroom was because when she was feral it just was not smart for her to leave her scent near where she lived.  I had much more success with her when I took her on a 30-45 minute walk away from the house.  The Vet Assistant took her out, and she went at the Vet's Office.  I fed her at her usual time tonight, took her out a little bit later, it took 30 minutes, but she did use the bathroom. 

I was pretty relieved that nothing was wrong, just something behavioral that I will have to work with.  A funny story from the visit today; I told TAZIE to bring me her leash, she looked around for a minute and grabbed my Mom's purse, told her again and she took my hat off my head and gave it to the Vet Assistant, finally on the third try she did grab the leash, but didn't give it to me, she gave it to the Assistant.