Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Quite a bit has been happening the last few weeks.  I think the last time I posted was after I had taken TAZIE to the Vet.  Since then, I have introduced her to my brother, and this afternoon she met my Aunt.  I think both of the introductions went very well.  There was a couple times where she went a little crazy with my brother, but both of those instances she was in her kennel and my brother had either gotten too close to her, or she didn't know he was coming (a little surprising since he is 7' tall), but that's my story.   With my Aunt, she was perfect.  TAZIE went right up to her, sniffed for a second, and then was on her back wanting her belly rubbed.  Two for two.

TAZIE wants any and every squirrel she sees.  This makes taking her out a pain sometimes, because instead of using the bathroom, she is completely focused on the squirrels.  There are a few things that I have been doing to try to get her not as interested in them, but I think she is always going to have that hunter's instinct.  I have pretty good success getting her to sit when she sees one, staying is another story, but sitting is a start.  If she can see the squirrel, she does fairly well just being able to look at it.  If she catches her eye on one before I do, there is quite a bit more work to get her to listen to me. 

Friday there is a fellow coming to the house to give me an estimate on a fence for the backyard.  I think that she needs an area that she can run and play, and chase squirrels if she wants.  Letting her outside off a leash is out of the question, so I thought a fence would be the next best thing. 

She does some pretty odd things at times, she has an incredibly quirky personality.  Amazingly animated at times, and perfectly content laying on the floor doing nothing other times.  She has a very short attention span, stays interested in a toy for a few seconds, minutes if I am lucky, and then back to laying down or looking out the window. 

It has been great having her at the house.  At first I was pretty hesitant on keeping her, because of her attacking my Dad, but the way she has warmed up to him, and the way she has handled meeting other family members just reinforces that I made the right decision.  Besides, it saved me a 9 hour drive to Morgantown.